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The Slayer is a prototype game where one will have to survive as long as possible in a wave-based system with limitless undead enemies looking for their next prey and limited supplies scattered around the map.

Created as a final project for a game development course within a 4-week time constraint*


  • Tab (Hold) - Open stats
  • B - Open inventory
  • F - Pick up weapons/meds
  • G - Drop the current weapon
  • Q - Swap between two weapons (if any)
  • C - Crouch
  • WASD & Spacebar - Basic Movement
  • H (Hold) - Display controls
  • E (Double Tap) - Opening doors 


danielreyes2873Myk-GTonyZhang20JosephArr12Markudi & myself

Any feedback is very much appreciated*


TheSlayer(v2-Windows).zip 318 MB
The Slayer(v2-MacOS).zip 324 MB


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I'm happy to see you getting into game development